Design and Evaluation of U-Publication: Tag-Embedded Publication System and Business Model

박아름, 이경전, U-Publication 시스템과 비즈니스 모델의 설계와 분석, 지능정보연구, 14(3):41-57, 2008. ISSN 1229-4152.pdf (in Korean)



U-Publication, the Tag-Embedded publication, is one of U-Media. U-Media is defined as a media where human creates and consumes content through not only human cognitive and perceptual processes but also through the interactions between surrounding digital systems. U-Media provides information by generating, collecting, and attaching the content itself and the related information based on the interaction of the bio-systems incorporating digital information and devices embedded in humans, and surrounding objects including external digital devices. Using U-Publication, readers consume its content not only in offline but also online through a mobile RFID reader which touches and connects the URLs embedded in the RFID tags attached to it. Readers can consume the additional content though the hyperlinks attached to U-Publication and perform commercial activity as well as consumer the printed content. This paper defines the RFID-Tagged publication, proposes its related business models, and evaluates the alternative business models through a simulation study.


Key Word


U-Media, U-Commerce, Mobile RFID, Business Model, NFC(Near-Field Communication)