Incentive-based and Peer-oriented Design of Ubiquitous Commerce

Lee, K., Ju, J., Incentive-based and Peer-oriented Design of Ubiquitous Commerce, Proceedings of ICEIS(The 9th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems)-2007, pp.623-631, Portugal, June 12-16, 2007.pdf


Seamlessness is the keyword of U-Commerce which may be defined as the commercial interaction among providers, consumers, products, and services, enabled and supported especially by the real-world seamless communication of each entity and object’s digital information. However, the possibility of the seamless transactions increases the privacy risk of the entities involved. Therefore, the core issue of U-Commerce is how to promote seamless transactions while protecting the privacy. For the seamlessness, the role of incentive-emphasized business model is important since the seamlessness makes clear which economic entities contribute to a commercial transaction. Economic entities will reject the seamless transactions unless the sufficient incentives are given to them. In order to consider the privacy issue, we suggest an alternative U-Commerce architecture based on Hybrid P2P Model and Personal Information Base.


Ubiquitous Commerce, Seamlessness, Privacy, Business Model, Peer-Oriented, PIB (Personal Information Base)