Knowledge as Marketing Message: Design and Analysis of Human-Reader Based Personal Experience Management Business Model

전정호, 이경전, 마케팅 메시지로서의 지식: Human-Reader 기반의 개인 경험 관리 비즈니스 모델 설계 및 분석, 지능정보연구, 16(1):17-43, 2010. pdf (in Korean)



This research considers the role of knowledge as marketing message, designs and analyses the personal experience management (PEM) business model using HumanReader system. It is difficult to save and manage person’s daily experience and relevant contents due to the lack of proper infrastructure and system. On the contrary, using HumanReader infrastructure, person’s experience and various relevant contents can be easily saved and managed because seamlessness between offline and online and the various devices that person can always carry along in ubiquitous environment. Since person can store and manage information, contents and advertisements through HumanReader system and uPEMS, marketing messages and advertisements do not have to be repetitive and stimulating. Instead, marketing messages and advertisements in HumanReader environment should be granting values that can be saved and managed. We propose various scenarios, processes and its issues. And we analyze the expected value of RFID tag used on the proposed business model by socalled ‘Tag Evaluation Model’ and assess the assumptions that are basis of the proposed business model for evaluate the feasibility of the uPEM business model.


Key Word


Human-Reader System, Mobile RFID, Life-log, Personal Experience Management (PEM), Ubiquitous Computing, Business Model, Tag Evaluation Model