A comparison shopping optimization model based on suppliers’ pricing contexts

Yong Sik Chang and Kyoung Jun Lee, A comparison shopping optimization model based on suppliers’ pricing contexts, Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 37, Issue 8, August 2010, Pages 5736-5744.pdf


Consumers in the online shopping environment have had difficulties in selecting an optimal supplier. This is caused by the fact that current comparison shopping services have limitations in considering supplier’s various pricing strategies. Current Comparison Shopping Model (CSM) including these limitations may enable online consumers to select a non-optimal supplier. To overcome these problems, we proposed a Comparison Shopping Optimization Model based on Suppliers’ Pricing Contexts (CSOM-SPC), which gives online consumers effective price-sorted suppliers. Through illustrative experimentation and paired t-test, we show that CSOM-SPC provides more realistic and effective comparison prices compared with current CSM.

Key Word

Online shopping Comparison shopping Optimization model Pricing contexts