Criteria of Good Project Network Generator and its Fulfillment using a Dynamic CBR Approach

Kim, H. Lee, K., Criteria of Good Project Network Generator and its Fulfillment using a Dynamic CBR Approach, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3155:630-644, September, 2004. – SCIE, ISSN:0302-9743. pdf


Most project-based industries such as construction, shipbuilding, and software development etc. should generate and manage project network for successful project planning. We suggest a set of criteria of good project network generator such as network generation efficiency, quality of network, and economics of system development. For the efficiency of the planning, the first criterion, we decided to take a CBR approach. However, using only previous cases is insufficient to generate a proper network for a new project. By embedding rules and constraints in the case-based system, we could improve the quality of the project network: the second criterion. The integration of CBR approach and the knowledge-based approach makes feasible the development of the project network generator and improves the quality of the network by mutual enhancement through crosschecking the knowledge and cases in the development and maintenance stages. For some complex project network planning, a single-case assumed project network generation methodology is refined into Dynamic Leveled Multiple Case approach. The methodology contributes again the efficiency and effectiveness of project network generation and reduces the efforts of the system development.

Published by Kyoung Jun Lee

Professor of Kyung Hee Univ.