David Kim(Jin Young Kim)

David Kim(Jin Young Kim) is CEO of ROA Group Korea, Inc. which is one of the most famous IT consulting companies in Korea. His regular consulting customers are mobile operators such as SKT, KTF, KT and device vendors including Samsung, LGE and Pantech. He was also selected as a Post-PC expert by MOCIE (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) in 2003. David has several years of telecommunications experience in corporate strategy and setting up new businesses for mobile carriers and device vendors. He has appeared as an industry expert on many Korean newspapers and has been quoted in such journals as Electronic Times, Digital Times and K-mobile. He has a bachelor’s degree from Korea University(Management Information Systems, journalism as double major), and MBA from HSE (Helsinki School of Economics, e-Business). He is now on Ph.D Course at Kyung-hee Uiversity.