SPB(Seamlessness-Privacy-Benefit) Paradigm for Construction of Highly-Connected Information Society

이경전, 전정호, 고도 정보 연계 사회의 구축을 위한 SPB 패러다임, 한국IT서비스학회지, 11(2): 131-146, 2012 (PDF) in Korean


The purpose of this research is two-fold : (1) we propose the paradigm to construct a connected information society according to a judgment where a coming information society will evolve into highly-connected information society having “seamlessness” as a keyword, and (2) we draw guidelines to construct infrastructures and establish systems and business models of highly-connected information society based on suggested paradigm. To achieve this, this research conducts the followings. First, we suggest reasons why a coming information society can be appropriate to be considered as highly-connected information society by examining two perspectives on the coming information society. Second, we explain the definition and characteristics of highly-connected information society and propose the SPB paradigm. Third, we analyze the utility of SPB paradigm by evaluating practices. Finally, we suggest four strategies to construct highly-connected information society based on advanced research findings and future research directions.