A Study on Social Network Management and Development of a Social Network Management Framework

오재섭, 이경전, 사회연결망 관리의 개념 연구와 사회연결망관리 프레임워크 개발, Internet and Information Security, 2(1), 2011. (PDF) in Korean


Social network service have shown dramatic growth, especially in the personal connection management, contents distribution, marketing, recruiting and software development sectors. The representative examples of thriving online social network services include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace. Recently, social network services are being considered beyond a social network among individual users, and are being reviewed from business perspectives. Businesses focus on job recommendations, contents distribution, advertising and marketing, and the potential influences and opportunities provided by the social network services in terms of business are continuously growing. In this context, individuals and businesses require in-depth and broad concepts for building closer relations with acquaintances and customers through related processes and resources, To this end, this study suggests a social network management framework that provides a basic understanding of social network management from process theory and resource-based view. This study also evaluates the social network management framework based on the evaluation criteria for conceptual frameworks.