Design and Analysis of Ubiquitous Social Network Management Service Model: u-Recruiting Service Model

오재섭, 이경전, 김재경, 유비쿼터스 사회연결망관리 서비스 모델 설계 분석: u-구인 구직 서비스 모델을 중심으로, Information Systems Review, 13(1), 2011. (PDF) in Korean


Although online social network services widely used in human networking and recruiting industries, it is showing off its limitations in followings-it’s hard to reach the status of seamless connection between offline and online; the incompletion and low credibility of the information came from non-face-to-face profile exchange; and the restraint of user autonomy due to centralized control. This paper defines the ubiquitous social network management which enables the seamless real-time face-to-face social interactions of the users based on WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network) who share the same interest in real word and deduces a ubiquitous social network management framework based on it. As an instance of ubiquitous social network management, u-Recruiting service model will be designed and analyzed. The Analysis using the business model will be followed by the possible scenario of service model. The role, value proposition and potential benefits of the each participants in this service model and will be given as well. In order to evaluate relative advantages of the model suggested by this study, 6 cases will be compared.