Platform Development toy Systematic Support of Design Collaboration between SMEs

박지숙, 박선화, 윤주현, 이경전, 중소기업간 디자인 협업의 체계적 지원을 위한 플랫폼의 개발, 한국전자거래학회지, 8(4):207-221, 2003(11월). (PDF) in Korean


Most commercially available collaboration support systems are not proper for small enterprises in a specific area such as small e-design companies, because they are focused on general functionalities, required by most large enterprises. In this paper, we analyze the requirements for improving communication environments of small e-design companies, and propose an advanced communication management tool which reflects those requirements. The communication platform focuses the acknowledgement process by customer and the schedule sharing and management between project members. The proposed system suggest a new research direction which supports the systematic collaboration with external entities such as customers rather than the unsystematic collaboration between internal members, and improves the communication environment of those small e-design companies that are desperately in need of a cost-effective way to carry out projects, and will help in the process of successful projects.