Examining Online to Offline Tourism Service Using Near Field Communication: Motivation-Opportunity-Ability Framework Perspective

Han, H., Park, A., Chung, N., & Lee, K. J. (2015). Examining Online to Offline Tourism Service Using Near Field Communication. 한국지능정보시스템학회 학술대회논문집, 11-11. (link)


Due to the utilization of advanced smart technologies and online-to-offline or offline-to-online (O2O) marketing, near field communication (NFC) has been adopted in many Expositions (Expos) in recent years. This is aimed at increases in Expo experiences by visitors and the vitality of NFC use. Thus, this study focused on the Motivation-Opportunity-Ability framework and satisfactiontransfer of visitors who perform information processing using NFC to understand reuse intention of NFC and loyalty to Expo. More specifically, we constructed a research model assuming that the motivation of NFC use was set as information quality, opportunity factor as organizational support for using NFC from Expo, and ability factor as self-efficacy respectively and the above factors would influence the NFC value and NFCsatisfaction directly and then the NFC value would influence satisfaction to NFC and the Expo, which would then influence reuse intention of NFC and loyalty to the Expo accordingly. A survey was conducted with 309 visitors using NFC in Osong Beauty Expo to analyze the results empirically. The result showed that information quality, organizational support from the Expo, and self-efficacy influenced perceived NFC value and information quality and organizational support from the Expo influenced the satisfaction to NFC. On the other hand, self-efficacy did not influence the satisfaction to NFC. Furthermore, the perceived NFC value influenced satisfaction to NFC and the Expo and the satisfaction to NFC also influenced satisfaction to Expo. The study result also showed that satisfaction to NFC affected the reuse intention of NFC and the satisfaction to Expo induced loyalty to Expo. Based on the above results, this study contributed to expansion of scope of study on NFC as it proved the need of utilization on NFC as well as proposing the importance of NFC value practically.