Daesik Kim

Daesik, Kim is the CEO of PNT Communications Co., Ltd. and PW Lab Inc. His company mainly develops social commerce related web service, and applications for smart-phone. He received his bachelor‘s degree in Data Communication from Queensland University of Technology (2004), and completed his master course in School of Business Administration at Kyung Hee University (2010). He has worked as a researcher in BMER since 2005.  He also has worked as a consultant in Contraco Asia Inc, the global consulting company based in Germany (2006~2007), and has conducted various projects for CJ, MSN, and Geotel.

Myunghee Choi

Myunghee Choi (say0044@gmail.com) is working as a researcher in BMER since 2010. She studies the business model and intellectual property and is interested in open innovation. She has a master degree in patent law of graduate school, Chungnam national University, Daejon (2009). She is in a Ph. D. course in School of Business Administration, Kyung Hee University.

Byoungki Kim

Byoungki Kim (ezzangclimber@gmail.com) is working as a researcher in BMER since 2008. He has been studying about the business model, especially on opening and sharing of Space. He is a Ph. D. candidate of School of Management in Kyung Hee University. He received B.S. (1999) in Graduate School of Management Information System from Hankook University of Foreign Studies, and finished his Ph. D. course (2009) in Management Information System from Kyung Hee University.