About BMER

BMER is an institute for business modeling, engineering and renovation, directed by Prof. Kyoung Jun Lee(Ph.D.).

The web site BMER.net is maintained by BMER.

Collaborating with companies, BMER has developed the methodology for business modeling, business engineering, and business renovation.

In addition, BMER has developed the U-Commerce and U-Media business models and developed dozens of business method patents on new commerce, media, and social networks. BMER has performed consulting and R&D projects with IT/Internet companies, telecoms, and financial institutions such as SK Telecom, BC Card, NHN, and Samsung Advanced Institue of  Technology etc.

Recently, BMER started to  research on so-called Green Business Models. In the near future, BMER will devote its efforts to research on business model innovation.

Many alumni of BMER have founded start-up companies such as LoveIsTouch, ShiftW, Jellycoaster, and Calcutta Communications etc.