Agent-based System for Complex Decision Making and Negotiation: Application to Virtual Manufacturing

이경전, 장용식, 최형림, 김현수, 박영재, 박병주, “복잡한 의사결정과 협상 환경을 위한 에이전트 기반 시스템: 가상생산 응용”, Information Systems Review, 4(2):223-236, 2002. (PDF) in Korean


In an agent-based system, each agent has its own decision making capability and competes, cooperates, and communicates each other with an agent interface. Virtual manufacturing has characteristics as a typical application area of agent-based system: complex and time-bound decision making and negotiation. The time-boundness influences the choice of decision making models and design of protocols for internal and external negotiation. In this paper, we provide a case study which suggests a time-bound framework for external and internal negotiation between the agents for virtual manufacturing environment. We illustrate decision making model selection strategy and the system architecture of the agent-based system for the complex and time-bound environment.