A near field communication adoption and its impact on Expo visitors’ behavior

Han, H., Park, A., Chung, N., & Lee, K. J. (2016). A near field communication adoption and its impact on Expo visitors’ behavior. International Journal of Information Management, 36(6), 1328-1339. (link)

Utilization of advanced smart technologies and online-to-offline/offline-to-online marketing has resulted in the adoption of near field communication (NFC) in many expositions (Expos). The objective of NFC is to enhance and revitalize the Expo experience of visitors. Thus, this study focused on the motivation-opportunity-ability framework and satisfaction transfer of visitors who process information using NFC to understand NFC reuse intention and Expo loyalty. We hypothesized that information quality (motivation), organizational support for using NFC at an Expo (opportunity), and self-efficacy (ability) influence NFC value and NFC satisfaction. NFC value would influence satisfaction with NFC and with the Expo, which then influences NFC reuse intention and Expo loyalty, respectively. A survey of 309 visitors at the Expo showed that information quality and organizational support influenced perceived value and satisfaction of NFC. Self-efficacy influenced the perceived value of but not the satisfaction with NFC. Further, the perceived NFC affected NFC reuse intention and Expo loyalty through satisfaction with NFC and satisfaction with the Expo, respectively. This study thus expands the scope of study on NFC by demonstrating the need for utilization of NFC and by empirically demonstrating the importance of NFC.