Peer-to-Peer Electronic Commerce: A Taxonomy and Cases

Lee, K., Peer-to-Peer Electronic Commerce: A Taxonomy and Cases, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Electronic Commerce, Wien, Austria, 2001. (PDF)

Peer-to-peer electronic commerce (P2P EC) is a technical (or architectural) alternative (or complement) to Web-based EC. P2P EC may be defined as a class of electronic commerce that takes advantage of resources available at the edge of the Internet. A taxonomy of P2P EC based on the features of the edge resources is suggested. Among the five categories based on the taxonomy, we introduce the emerging P2P EC cases in physical product marketplace, digital product marketplace, and digital casting marketplace. For each case, we discuss the motivations of the P2P EC, the status of the real world business, technical issues to be solved, business issues, and future prospects.