Customer Model Analysis for UCC Knowledge Sharing Service: A Case

윤은정, 이경전, UCC 지식 동영상 공유 서비스의 고객 모델 분석 사례, 지능정보연구, 제15(1):15-30, 2009. ISSN 1229-4152.pdf (in Korean)



As knowledge is now being distributed and shared through the Internet not only in the form of text but also in that of video, UCC((User Created Content) knowledge video sharing services have emerged on the Internet such as This paper deals with a UCC knowledge video service in real world and reports the case of analyzing its customer model. The knowledge video sharing service can be considered as both a kind of discontinuous innovation, which requires knowledge provider’s technical ability of creating and editing UCC video, and a value network, which matches UCC providers and consumers therefore brings network effect, we first adopt the Chasm theory as the base of the customer model and refine the customer model referencing the Technographics, which is also an Internet-refinement of the Chasm model. Finally, non-customer analysis of Blue Ocean strategy is applied for exploring potential customers of the service.


Key Word


UCC, Technology Adoption in Life Cycle, Chasm, Technographics, Customer Model, Business Model