Desinging Business Models of U-Display Seamlessly Integrated with Mobile Devices in IPTV Era

 윤은정, 이경전, 모바일 단말과 연동하는 IPTV 시대의 U-디스플레이 Business Model 설계, Telecommunications Review 제 19 권 2 호, 2009.pdf (in Korean)



Unlike the previous display transmitting video content in one-way, the display in IPTV era is expected to offer useful and interesting information to media consumer and take a role as a new media nowadays. This research suggests Ubiquitous Display business model that can realize ‘Seamlessness’ between an individual user who watch display using a personal device and display in the Ubiquitous computing environment. Unlike the previous display appealing to the human’s visual-auditory sense, U-Display enables the seamless information transmission between display and users by providing the personal device users with the content link as well as the content on display. This paper suggests five kinds of U-Display scenarios that can be realized in ubiquitous computing environment through various technical alternatives, analyze the participants and their roles of the business model, and evaluates its economic possibility.


Key Word


U-Display, Business Model, IPTV, Seamlessness, Mobile RFID, Bluetooth/ZigBee, U-Media, UCommerce