U-Commerce in Service Space: Business Model Analysis and Case Study

이현석, 이경전, 서비스 공간에서의 유비쿼터스 상거래 비즈니스 모델 분석 및 사례 연구, 지능정보연구, 14(2):45-62, 2008. ISSN 1229-4152. pdf (in Korean)


 Previous U-Commerce researches have dealt with the business support systems for traditional commerce space such as real world shopping malls. This paper investigates U-Commerce business models in service space. The McDonald’s Touch-Order case is analyzed from business model perspective and the Media-Embedded Place business model is introduced as a UCommerce business model for value creation in service space. The mediaembedded place business model attaches autoidentification tags to tables or billboards, triggers commercial transaction through the tags, and shares the revenues and the incentives among the place owners and commerce/content providers. This paper analyzes its scenario and applications and illustrates the profitability analysis using socalled ‘tag evaluation model’.

Key Word

Ubiquitous Commerce, RFID(Radio Frequency Identification), Business Model, MediaEmbedded Place