Ubiquitous Business Model by Seamless Integration of Photo and Location Information

Jeong-In Ju, Jong Chul Lee, Kyoung Jun Lee, Ubiquitous Business Model by Seamless Integration of Photo and Location Information, IEEE International Workshop on Ubiquitous Network Computing 2008 (UNC’08), pp.1533-1537, December 9-12, Jiaosi, Yilan, Taiwan, 2008.pdf


Photos are one of the most popular contents in many social networking sites, and their usage is suitable for commercial purposes because a particular place has its own characteristic or symbolic meaning related to products and services. However, it is difficult to find business models using photos due to limitation that is to save and use location information automatically and systematically. U-Photo business model which we propose in this paper is a sort of network business model to connect content producer, consumer and sponsor. It also promotes specific location where end user takes photos to sponsor who wants to advertise through the location. The aim of this research is to develop a new business model using photos in U-Commerce/Media environment. We also analyze the implications of this business model and evaluate this business model to judge that it is going to work well in the real market.


Commerce-Media Integrated Space, U-Commerce, U-Media, U-Photo Business Model