FASTrak-APT: Case and Constraint-Based Construction Project Planning System

Lee, K. J., Kim, H. W., Lee, J. K. Kim, T. H., “FASTrak-APT: Case and Constraint-Based Construction Project Planning System”, AI Magazine, vol.19, no.1, pp.13-24, Spring, 1998.pdf Abstract To effectively generate a fast and consistent apartment construction project network, Hyundai Engineering and Construction and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology developed a case- andContinue reading “FASTrak-APT: Case and Constraint-Based Construction Project Planning System”

Sufficient Search Space in Spatial Expert Systems

Lee, K. J., “Sufficient Search Space in Spatial Expert Systems”, Expert Systems with Applications, vol. 19, no. 1, pp.1-8, July, 2000.pdf Abstract This paper seeks the sufficient search space for the expert systems locating rectangular and arbitrary-shaped objects placed without rotation within a two-dimensional rectangular space. We found that for the layout of rectangular objects,Continue reading “Sufficient Search Space in Spatial Expert Systems”

Customized Purchase Supporting Expert System: UNIK-SES

Lee, S. K., Lee, J. K. K. J. Lee, “Customized Purchase Supporting Expert System: UNIK-SES”, Expert Systems with Applications, vol. 11, no. 4, pp.431-441, 1996.pdf Abstract An expert system that assists the customized men’s wear purchasing process is developed. In the past, configuration systems have adopted either a rule- or a constraint-based representation. To overcomeContinue reading “Customized Purchase Supporting Expert System: UNIK-SES”

Time-Bounded Negotiation Framework for Electronic Commerce Agents

Lee, K. J., Chang, Y. S., Lee, J. K., “Time-Bounded Negotiation Framework for Electronic Commerce Agents”, Decision Support Systems, vol. 28, no.4, pp. 319-331, June, 2000.pdf Abstract For efficient and informative coordination of agents especially in electronic commerce environment, a time-bound agent negotiation framework is proposed utilizing a time-based commitment scheme. By attaching commitment durationContinue reading “Time-Bounded Negotiation Framework for Electronic Commerce Agents”

Impacts and Limitations of Intelligent Agents to Internet Commerce

Jin, D. Lee, K, “Impacts and Limitations of Intelligent Agents to Internet Commerce,” Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 2105, pp. 33-48, July, 2001.pdf Abstract Agent-based economy or agent-based electronic commerce is the term for describing one of possible next steps of electronic commerce. The systematic understanding of the agent-based economy is important for researchersContinue reading “Impacts and Limitations of Intelligent Agents to Internet Commerce”

A Peer-to-Peer CF-Recommendation for Ubiquitous Environment

Kim, H., Lee, K., Kim, J., A Peer-to-Peer CF-Recommendation for Ubiquitous Environment, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4088: 678-683, 2006.pdf Abstract In ubiquitous environment where all entities can freely connect and collaborate with each other from anywhere, the amount of accessible information is overwhelming and desired information often remains unfound. So there is a growingContinue reading “A Peer-to-Peer CF-Recommendation for Ubiquitous Environment”