Design and Analysis of Business Model using Mobile RFID in the Exhibition Space and its Cases

전정호, 이경전, 모바일 RFID에 기반한 유비쿼터스 전시공간 비즈니스 모델 설계 및 사례 분석, 지능정보연구, 14(4):47-68, 2008. ISSN 1229-4152.pdf (in Korean)


The aim of this research is to develop a new business model using mobile RFID in exhibition spaces such as museums and art galleries. Using mobile RFID, the exhibition space is expected to be evolved from a simple media space only for the exhibition to an extended space integrating media, commerce and entertainment. This paper proposes a u-Exhibition business model and its scenario in the u-Exhibition space. We discuss the real-world issues for the implementation and show the ways of investigating working conditions for the business model through revenue simulation and analyzing the expected value of tag installed on the exhibition space by so-called ‘tag evaluation model.’


Key Word

Mobile RFID, u-Commerce, u-Media, Ubiquitous Computing, Business Model