Chatbot as a New Business Communication Tool: The Case of Naver TalkTalk

Chatbot as a New Business Communication Tool: The Case of Naver TalkTalk

published in Business Communication: Research & Practice, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2017.

Miri Heo & Kyoung Jun Lee

School of Management, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea


Objectives: Chatbot is a program that talks in voice or text. It is equipped with artificial intelligence technology (AI) and is developed in a way to combine with messenger, offering companies new opportunities for business communication. Companies expect cost savings and sales increases by providing chatbot-based services to their customers, such as providing responses to inquiries and fulfilling orders without time constraints. However, the current absence of conversationally perfect AI technology creates a climate in which the public holds unreasonable expectations, as businesses fail to understand the current status of AI and the marketing of chatbot technology companies is hyped.

Methods: This is a single-case study. While looking for a successfully deployed chatbot, we found Naver TalkTalk, a card-based chatbot application. We interviewed Naver’s managerial and technical staff four times and acquired internal data as well as external data.

Results: We illustrate Naver TalkTalk, a successful card-based business chatbot, and examine how Naver TalkTalk has developed and evolved for effective business communication. The first chatbot started without automation and then failed in the process of evolving to automation. This chatbot was changed to cardbot and was re-automated based on the card-based interface and RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

Conclusion: The cardbot-based chatbot is quick and easy to handle, which is why it has been popular among users. It is now becoming a new business communication channel to attract new customers. In addition, the proper automation of business communication is increasing efficiency and reducing costs of businesses.